Our Advisory Services

The Zahm Investment Group’s wealth planning process is designed to help you achieve your personal and financial goals.

Our initial meeting focuses on understanding your current situation and long-term goals. Discussing time horizons, current finances, volatility comfort levels, and most importantly, your vision of your retirement years and beyond, are important elements that allow us to begin putting together a blueprint aimed at meeting your goals. 

On the reverse side, we want you to get to know us as well. We will explain how our team is set up, present our philosophies on wealth planning and investing, and introduce the variety of resources available through D.A. Davidson. At this point, if everyone agrees to move forward, we’ll begin the planning process.

Using the comprehensive research, estate, insurance, financial and retirement planning resources available through our team and D.A. Davidson, we will create a comprehensive wealth management and investment plan designed to meet your long-term goals. Once implemented, we will periodically review the plan's progress and report back to you on a scheduled basis. It is important that we meet regularly, as well as at any point where there are changes in economic conditions or your personal or financial status, as they may require adjustments to your plan. Only through consistent, open communication and thorough planning, are we able to ensure we are making the necessary adjustments to help achieve your goals.